We develop AI powered analytics that improves the efficiency of businesses


We are an advanced analytics consultancy that provides customized AI solutions that help companies across industries solve business problems. Our particular focus is on applications of machine learning and predictive modeling.

Performance oriented

Our analytics is designed to increase the performance of your business.

Tailor made

We build solutions specifically for your business, customizing them to ensure a perfect fit.

Light weight

Only pay for what you need. Our solutions are light weight and results can be seen in a matter of days.



Manufacturing: Automated Visual Quality Control

The No. 2 automotive headlight company in the world approached us with the challenge of automating quality control in order to free human resources for more value-adding tasks.

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E-commerce:  Demand prediction model                 

For a textile business client with 7,000 products delivering to si different markets, we developed a demand prediction model that helps them optimize their inventory management. 

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Finance:                  Online loan fraud detection              

We developed a fraud detection model for a company providing micro-loans to retail customers. Our solution helped them detect real-time chronic fraudsters and minimize fraud related damages.

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"The guys from aLook Analytics did a great job delivering a model for predicting CLV of our customers. Moreover they did it faster and cheaper than big business-consulting firms."
Ondřej Hubálek, Fincentrum
"Great impact, fully delivered on its promise!"
Kristijan Fiket, CEO of Aures, former Vice President of Operations of Automotive Lighting
"Thanks to aLook Analytics we have accurate information about the expected future developments of our marketing actions."
Daniel Gorol, BNP Paribas Personal Finance SA/ Celetelem




When CEOs of @British_Airways and @HSBC_UK speak about #AI you know your are at the right place #AISummit London pic.twitter.com/dgiqXBoJv2

We enjoyed our time at #AIconis hosted at Kensington Palace. Congratulations to all winners, especially to @AmplifyDotAI who won our category pic.twitter.com/JgsuhNL0QA

We've been shortlisted for the #aiconics Awards 2019 for the Best Innovation in Intelligent Automation! | theaiconics.com #AISummit pic.twitter.com/HgilxQp7zn

Thrilled to be part of the @CzechTrade stand at @automechanika Birmingham and showcase our solution for Automated Visual Quality Control pic.twitter.com/P1DoPATEVS

We are so proud to have the opportunity to work with SQN for the last 4 years! Egon Zehnder and SQN formalize business partnership to scale SQN’s revolutionary, AI-enabled approach to culture transformation through the harnessing of human potential. | egonzehnder.com/press-release/… pic.twitter.com/YNbee6ZOLZ

Great result of our team at AI Hackathon organised by #Oriflame Software and @Microsoft | #hackathon #ArtificiallIntelligence hackathon.oriflame.com pic.twitter.com/YHMeT5Ka9J


Geolocated nearest neighbors in product campaign targeting

Geolocated nearest neighbors in product campaign targeting

Current landscape of IoT (internet of things), low-cost GNSS (satellite navigation system) receivers, and omnipresent wireless networks produce large amounts of data containing geospatial information. This blogpost introduces the basics of the geolocated k-nearest neighbors (k-NN) model and its applications in product campaign targeting.

Propensity modelling and how it is relevant for modern marketing

Propensity modelling and how it is relevant for modern marketing

In the last few years the obvious fact that for successful marketing you need to “contact the right customers with the right offer through the right channel at the right time” has become something of a mantra. In this post, I am going to talk about the first part – how to target the right customers for your marketing actions.

First aid to calculating Customer Lifetime Value in finance

First aid to calculating Customer Lifetime Value in finance

For businesses where clients generate revenues over time knowing who will be your most valuable clients in the future is very handy information. Especially if you want to optimise your service models.


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