We know how to use AI to optimize                  various business processes       

Using AI we help financial institutions to automate and optimize their business processes to achieve higher sales, profit and customer satisfaction.


It enables a truly customer centric approach

AI not only allows to intereact with a large number of customers simultaneously, it can do so differently with each of them.

It creates efficiency through process automation

Many processes can be automated and sped up by AI, allowing workers to focus on more value-adding tasks.

It allows for next level of personalisation

AI helps to understand behaviour and desires of each customer in detail, thus informing the optimal way of engagement.

It has high ROI

Our AI powered analytics can help you achieve significant improvements in business performace. 



We analyze a sample of your data to test the potential that AI can bring to your business


We develop a customized AI powered solution that addresses your business needs


We roll out the customized solution within your IT systems


Automated event detection

A large retail bank wanted to be more relevant for their clients. We helped them develop a model that automatically detects significant events in the life of thousands of their clients so that the bank can react with an appropriate product offering.

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Customer lifetime value model

A financial-advisory company was looking for a way to help their advisory employees manage their client portfolios. We responded with a customer lifetime value model that identified the most important clients for each portfolio.