Automated visual quality control 

The No. 2 automotive headlight company in the world approached us with the challenge of automating quality control in order to free human resources for more value-adding tasks.

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Industrial machine fine-tunning

For a leading automotive plastic component manufacturer, we developed an algorithmic solution to fine-tune their injection moulding machines, minimizing scrap rates and achieving substantial savings.

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Risk management in supply chain

A B2B manufacturing business approached us to help them improve their supply chain flow. Our solution enabled them to timely identify orders whose delivery might be threatened so that they have sufficient time to manage the crisis and keep their customers happy.


Demand prediction model

For a textile business client with 7,000 products delivering to 6 different markets, we developed a demand prediction model that helps them optimize their inventory management.

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Recommendation engine 

A retailer with over 500k customers and 60k products was looking to increase cross-selling and up-selling on their newly developed app. We developed a recommendation engine that displays the most relevant products.

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Customer churn prediction

Our solution identified customers that are likely to sever their spending so that the e-shop could contact them in time with a friendly offer and ignite them into loyal customers again.

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Propensity models for marketing

We have developed several propensity models that help our clients improve efficiency of their marketing campaigns.

Dynamic pricing model

A leading e-commerce business approached us to help them improve their dynamic pricing strategy for their c.200k listed products.

Micro-segmentation model

Our client wanted to better understand their customers to inform their marketing campaigns. We helped them achieve that by clustering the customers into several micro-segments.


Automated event detection

A large retail bank wanted to be more relevant for their clients. We helped them develop a model that automatically detects significant events in the life of thousands of their clients so that the bank can react with an appropriate product offering.

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Marketing campaign optimization

A retail bank was looking to automate and optimize allocation of marketing campaigns that were typically run in parallel. Our solutions considers cost and potential of each marketing channel for every customer and overlays it on current business goals.

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Online loan fraud detection

We developed a fraud detection model for a company providing micro-loans to retail customers. Our solution helped them detect real-time chronic fraudsters and minimize fraud related damages.                                                           

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Pricing optimization model

A retail bank approached us to help them improve their pricing strategy to better reflect price elasticity of current and potential clients. We developed a propensity model that incorporated a wide range of personal and market data and identified optimal (revenue maximizing) price points.

CRM propensity model

A retail bank wanted to improve response rate of their marketing campaigns. We developed a classification model that helps them target right customers with a right product at a right time. 

Customer lifetime value model

A financial-advisory company was looking for a way to help their advisory employees manage their client portfolios. We responded with a customer lifetime value model that identified the most important clients for each portfolio.


Biometric pattern extraction

 A behavioral analytics company, whose core business is to detect people’s behavioral patterns that affect their performance at work, recently added biometric devices to their data sources: we helped them link the biometric data to the behavioral patterns.

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Completing unbalanced datasets

A digital marketing company that collects data with consumer polls wanted to expand their data by simulating responses of consumers without having to ask them directly. 

Understanding human mindsets

A behavioral analytics company approached us to help them scale their analytical platform and design an analytical strategy to further develop their intellectual property (IP).